Dutch Mill pre-rolled cones is established by a Dutch family of entrepreneurs with more than 40 years of experience in the Dutch herbal trade and related business. We started manufacturing pre-rolled cones in Thailand Since 1989 and we’re the first to introduce pre-rolled cones to the market. In fact we are the inventors of the pre-rolled cone.

Initially, we produced pre-rolled cones exclusively for a select group of Dutch retailers and did not have the ambition to expand beyond that. However, as the success of pre-rolled cones grew, other entrepreneurs began to replicate our invention. Given our liberal attitude towards society, we didn’t mind others capitalising on our invention.

Over time, the popularity of pre-rolled cones spread internationally, leading to a surge in demand and the emergence of many new cone manufacturers, some of whom compromised on quality. To protect the reputation of our invention, the founders made the decision to increase production on a larger scale, ensuring that more people can enjoy the superior quality of our pre-rolled cones.

As we not only wanted to be competitive with our unique quality but also compete with pricing, we decided to move our production to Indonesia, where we are working with a very dedicated team of lovely Balinese people who are producing immaculate quality of cones.